Monday, July 8, 2013

She Runs under NEW blog name: Do Love and Run


SheRunsWithEndurance is now under a new name, Do Love and Run. Share with others. The more the merrier :) I will be writing a post on my change of blog name soon. New blog name, but same purpose. To document my running/mommy/believer journey. To be accountable to those of you reading. To share my experiences and learn from others.

Thank you for support She Runs With Endurance.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

July, here I come! Week 6 of training...

Okay, week 5 was...AWESOME!!!

Monday: 5 miles at 5:30am

Tuesday:1000m x 5 = 5k + 1 mile of recovery laps and 2 laps for warm up = 4.5 miles AND 15 minutes of leg/butt strength work

Wednesday: 4 miles in the morning + 15 minutes of legs/butt and arms

Thursday: Kettlebells. Got killed! My legs were sooooo tired from my own leg work at home...I dreaded every squat or lunge we did. And I have NEVER enjoyed walking push-ups with weights or planks so much in my life! Anything to get off my legs.

Friday: Total rest. My legs were tired.

Saturday: 10 miles...only a few were truly flat. A couple of very painful hills...ran with a good friend which helped make the time fly :) After the run I sat in my mom's pool...nice and cold. Definitely helped recovered.

Sunday: She rested...again :)

And man has it been hot around here! Never have I actually wanted to get up earlier to run to avoid the heat. Running sure does make you want and do strange things...wishing you got up earlier to run...WHAT! Cant't believe I think like this must be the heat getting to me.

Great. Week. Exhausted. But ready for week 6.

On a different note, our little BabyT was reunited with her dad and siblings...this is the hardest part of being a foster parent. More on this another day. For now, I just pray that she is safe and happy. I hope she never has to experience the trauma of being separated from her family again. I pray that her parents can pull through, pull it together, and give their children a life they deserve.

Training plan for this week...similar to last week:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 3-4 miles speedwork
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday (4th of July): 10k race (maybe). If no race, then another 4-6 miles on my own. WOW. How is it that I want to race on my day off? Running has turned me into a completely irrational person.
Friday: ??? not sure yet...maybe laps at the pool.
Saturday: 9-11 miles
Sunday: rest

Can't believe its already JULY! Where did the year go?

Anyone else racing on the 4th?

Oh yeah, and we went to the movies today...YEAH!!! Yes, it is a big deal for us. We took our girl to see Monsters University! Super cute. Good for grown-ups too :) Pin It

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 4...What HAPPENED? And onto week 5

Well, last week was a royal training wreck! Total mileage...a whole 9 miles! Yup, that's it. 9 miles.

Work was busy. I was swamped with work all Monday and Tuesday and just planned on making up my miles later in the week...but lucky me I got sick. But Wednesday at 3am I was waking up from unbearable nausea and by 7am I knew I was not going to make it to work that morning. Food poisoning, a "bug", stress, whatever it was it knocked me out. So Wednesday and Thursday I spent trying to get better. Friday, I was feeling pretty good. So Saturday I FINALLY went on a run with a dear friend...

My legs felt so heavy. Luckily this lovely gal was very patient with me as I dragged myself around for 9 miles (and she just ran a 2:04 half marathon last weekend!!). Running with this lady makes time go by fast. 

I also tried out my new shorts....loved them. 

Do you like my invisible shorts?

So here we are, week 5 of 9. Half way point. I am over what happend last week. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is what it is. We all get knocked time to get back up FAST. 

Here is this week's plan...which is always subject to change in my life...
Monday: 5 miles...CHECK! Got those babies done this morning  at 5:30am with my running buddy. 
Tuesday: 3-4 miles speed work
Wed: 4 miles in the AM + strength and stretch after work
Thursday: kettlebell class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Rest/walk/family time...

Any struggles last week? How did you deal with them?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Training Week 4

Week 4?!?! Already?!?!?

Last week recap:
Monday I walked 3 miles with the family.
Tuesday I did 3.5 at the track.
Wednesday: 4 miles in the morning.
Thursday: 6 on the treadmill
Friday: nada
Saturday: 6.5 mile trail run with the amigos and hubby on the bike.

Sunday: Celebrated my husband on Father's Day!

This week:
Monday (today): 5 miles with a hill somewhere
Tuesday: 4 miles at track
Wednesday: A little strength and stretch
Thursday: must go to kettlebells...but I am anticipating not making it since I am giving a training at work the next morning and will most likely be at work late.
Friday: 3-4 miles, most likely on a trail + laps at the pool (?)
Saturday: 9 miles
Sunday: Rest

Main focus this week: EAT! SLEEP! Stay away from carbs!

Any specific goals out there for this week? 

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

What fatherhood looks like


A loaded it should be. 

It is a word that carries so much meaning, responsibility, weight. 

Some men carry it well...others surpass our expectations...I am married to a man that has given fatherhood a whole new meaning to me and my family.

My husband has always loved others unconditionally. Especially the kiddos in his life. I see the love he has for little K and his nieces and nephews. It is really special. He is there for all of them in a heart beat. Now, having been foster parents to two little girls (both toddlers), he has shown true selflessness. These little girls may never remember him again. They may never remember the man that spent ALL day with them while they lived with us. Working with them. Playing with them. Feeding them. Cleaning them, Loving them as his own.

To love a child that will only be with you a moment is something so special. It is painful to give your heart to a person (no matter the age) knowing that you will most likely never see them again. However, my husband doesn't let that stop him. He loves these kiddos from the moment they set foot in our little home and never stops loving them.

These kiddos come from difficult lives. As foster parents, they don't tell us much about the child's background, other than what is really pertinent to the child's health and wellbeing. So we often don't know too much about what their home life was really like. All we know is that we may only have a short period of time with this kiddos and need to make the most of it. My husband could very well be the father that these little girls have never had, and may never have again after they are unified with their families. 

Among the thousands of things he does all day, the time my husband spends with these girls (and our little K of course) he is giving them a father figure that is loving....being a gentleman always...yes, even if they are only 2 years old!...allowing them to feel the love and tenderness a father should have toward his daughter...a feeling of safety in his arms as he holds them.

My husband is not perfect. He is human. He is a human with the love of God living in him. And you can see the love of God in full force when you see him with all the little ladies in his life.

In watching him in this father role, my husband has shown me and reversed so many ideas of what I remember fatherhood when I was little. 

It isn't about making executive decisions all the is about listening and seeing the needs of your family and taking their voices to heart and mind always.

It isn't only about disciplining. It is about being engaged in raising children daily and knowing them well enough to guide them in the right direction through different avenues...sometimes discipline, but more often through praise and affection.

It isn't about making sure to carve out quality time with your is about spending 99% of your free time with your family...there is no need to "carve" it just IS.

It is about being the ultimate [human/flesh] example of infinite, selfless, unconditional, boundless love.

Father looks like this...

To my husband, who I love so much...may God continue to give you the gift of fathering the children that come into our lives in such a beautiful way. Thank you for being a wonderful father to all the kiddos that come into our home. We love you!!!

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