Friday, April 27, 2012

Why am I running?

So this entire running thing started completely by accident! After sending out an invitation to co-workers encouraging them to participant in a local Christmas-themed 5k and 1/2 marathon event, I realized I too would have to run! AHHH! I have always valued and encouraged health and wellness, but never thought I would ever run more than a couple miles. But, oh well. "It's just one race," is what I kept telling myself. After this, no more. So I started training (VERY mild training) and ran my first 1/2 marathon. It was a painful experience. Not enough training led to lots of pain and exhaustion at mile 9, but I did it! Proud I finished, disappointed that it was so painful! So, I said to myself, "Now you HAVE to do another one...this can't let this be the way you remember your running experience!" So 3 months later I ran my second 1/2. Time-wise, it still wasn't what I wanted, but experience-wise it was much better. I actually enjoyed some parts of it!

Then my brilliant husband says to me, "Now you need to sign up for a full marathon". HA! That was the craziest thing I think I had ever heard him say. You can ask anyone and they will tell you, "Vanessa doesn't run". It is a well-known fact among my close family and friends. But all of a sudden I found myself googling marathon training plans...WOW, I am really going to do this!!

So here I am, making it official...I will be running a marathon in 2013.
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