Friday, May 25, 2012

To swim or not to swim?


I hate bathing suits. I hate cold water. I hate being in a bathing suit, in cold water, in front of other people. But you know, I love swimming!

This last week, my husband and I went to our local community pool (looks like a mini-Hurricane Harbor in there!). I figured it was time to improve my swimming beyond my excellent doggie paddle and floating ability. This would be a great thing for me to do on my non-running days and allow me time to get off my feet. So, I asked my coach (the hubs) to help me since he is much more knowledgeable in proper swimming techniques.

Let's just start off by saying I am a big brat when it comes to starting something new and something that is not "easy" for me. Thank you, GOD the hubs has amazing patience. After complaining, asking if we could go home, and flat out being lame for about 10 minutes, I finally pulled myself together and actually tried to do what he was telling me. We worked on basic freestyle technique and lo and behold, I liked it. AND I wasn't completely terrible at it either (just a little terrible). I had a total "Dory" moment: Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim (thank you, Finding Nemo). The best part was in the 40 minutes I was in the water, I didn't get bored, didn't get frustrated with myself, didn't have any negative thoughts pop into my head, and the pain in my right lower butt cheek (yes, that's right, my butt cheek hurts) and back of knee disappeared. NEW MOTTO: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

The goal: swim at least once a week for 1 hour.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Great moms make dreams come true

In times like these, many, if not most, things in life sometimes just feel absolutely unatainable. Too hard. Make us feel like we can't or we aren't good enough. But with a great mom, anything is truly possible. When I saw this video of this Peruvian marathoner qualifying for the London Olympics and her mother that encourged her to go for her dreams, I thought of two things. One, I thought of my mom, mi mamacita hermosa, and ALL the times and ways she has supported me, and now me and my family. My second thought was, I hope I can be a mother like my mom and this Peruvian woman. To my girl, K, and to my future child(ren). To see my child's potential, whether it be running, music, swimming, comedy, whatever, that I see their potential and support them, nuture them, pray for them, that they can grow in touch their gift and use it. This is the kind of mother I want to be.

This is the beauty of motherhood.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

GARMIN!!! And another book!

Quick post...So I have been very blessed to be gifted my first GPS watch (thank you my gift giver!). I am excited and now REALLY feel the pressure to run and get my gift giver's money's worth!! Yay! Time to get my run on! It is on its way to me now. Hurry, hurry little garmin (I need to give it a name...everyone calls their Garmin, Garmin). Can't wait to start running with it. I will post my thoughts about it as I figure out all the amazing things it can do (which really means, I will rip it out of the box, push a bunch a buttons, get frustrated that I can't figure it out how to set it up, and then hand it over to my hubs to undo the mess I made and configure it with love and patience). I AM SO THANKFUL.

I have also received my second book...The Runner's Body. Hopefully with this I will learn why things hurt so much and what the heck I am doing wrong! Really though, I look forward to seeing how this amazing body that the Lord has lent me (not mine forever!) works and how it is created to run and prevent injuries. I will worry about getting faster in a few years. So many more books on my reading list. 

I will be enjoying all the new running stuff I have and put it to good use (I pray!). 


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My first running book! And an update.

                                       It's HERE! My very first running book! 
This book makes me feel so hardcore! Heehee.
So, as you will discover through reading this little blog, I get very excited when I start something new. When something new enters my life all I want to do is read about it, watch videos on it, google it to kingdom come, spend hours thumbing through magazines, and never stop talking about it. I become very passionate about the things that come into my life. And right now that new thing is running. So after many hours researching books and authors, I decided to read Brain Training for Runners. Why? Well, I have to admit, the title got me hooked. Secondly, Matt Fitzgerald has some great reviews as a trusted and reputable author. I like that it has multiple training plans from a 5K to a marathon, something that will come in handy as I make my way toward my first marathon in about a year from now. Though I am new to all of this (running, blogging, etc.), I will post my thoughts about the book as I get into it and attempt my first "book review" once I am done. I am really excited to know more about this sport I am getting into and understanding what my body is [theoretically] capable of doing.

Taking advantage of my "I can do this" excitement, I wrote myself a little message to remind myself why I bought this book...

It was necessary to write this. For me to remember a moment when I REALLY believed that I could train and get ready for running, and ultimately for the beast that is the marathon. That somewhere inside of me there was a genuine moment of, YES!!! YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. A moment of optimism. Empowerment. Capability. I know it might seem cheesy, but this is a huge endeavor I am undertaking.  

The best thing is that my husband is so proud of me! Last week I ran with my husband for the very first time, EVER! He is a good runner, but what really sets him a part from other people is his incredible will-power. I wish I could have his determination and focus to get the job done and get it done well! So it was/is intimidating for me to run side-by-side with him. But last week I did it and it was great. And made him so happy. 4 miles under 40 minutes...WOW! 

In these last few weeks I have been working (slowly, I might add) toward the 5K I will be running in June. I've been averaging about 8 miles a week, just trying to take it slow and not push too many miles too soon. The best part is that my little family is super supportive and we are "training" together. When I head out to my new favorite place to run, my husband and stepdaughter (my little K)) join me and they jog/walk/play/dance/goof around and cheer me on while I run my laps. My little K seems to enjoy watching me run.Talk about motivation. If your kids don't motivate you, I don't know what will! I can't be a quitter. What will I be teaching her?

This week I plan on picking up the pace. 4 running days. 10-15 miles per week.

I am excited. And nervous. But more excited. Here's to a good week. 

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