Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paletas de Coco...the taste of summer!

Paletas de coco (or "coconut popsicles" for my English-speaking amigos) remind me of hot summer days. Playing with my brother in the front yard of my dad's house. Hearing the bells of the paletero (popsicle man) coming down the street. Running inside to get my dad. The three of us running back out before the paletero passed our house. Hoping he had the flavors we liked (it really stunk when he didn't). My dad would buy what seemed like a hundred paletas (probably more like 10, though), especially if he had a lot of the ones we liked. My brother would always get the chocolate flavored paleta. I always got a paleta de coco. Refreshing. Sweet. Delicious. Just the way summer should taste. 

Sitting together. The three of us. Eating paletas. 

Today, we had paletas de coco...thank you, Trader Joes! 

This brought back some wonderful memories of my childhood. 

Paletas...they do this thing to families...bringing them together....slowing life down for just a moment to realize just how refreshing, sweet and delicious "it" all is...

FYI, today is little K's last night as a first grader...I can't believe it.
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