Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Race Rundown, City Impact 5K

27:33 finish time. Honestly,
my best time so far :)
This was fun! WOW, did I really just type that!?!

Yup, I did. Let me tell you why.

I ran with a bunch of people I knew. For now let me just say that I am assistant director of a local Mexican Folk dance group (more on this later as it does consume a large part of my life throughout the year). A few of us from the group signed up to run/jog/walk this 5K. It was so wonderful talking with everyone before the race, taking pictures, goofing around, and not really thinking too much about what we were about to do. Since the course was a loop ("go 'n' come back" path), we all saw each other during the 3 miles, cheering, giving high-fives, being excited for each other. I also saw a bunch of my new amigos from my local running group who ran the 1/2 marathon. I love cheering people on...I will cheer ANYONE on. Need a cheerleader? I'm there for you! I usually go back out to the course and cheer on those that are reaching the finish line, so being able to find familiar faces to cheer for was an extra bonus.

With my mom and
little K.
This was the first race my mom participated in. GO MOM! Honestly, I will say she could have gone far as a speed walker. She is a little lady, but takes strides like my 6'4" uncle...no joke. As she approached the finish line, me and another friend went out to finish the race with her. We honestly had to jog next to her because we could not walk as fast as she did. Let me tell you that walking fast is HARD! She is a super incredible woman and her story is amazing...but that deserves a post of its own in the future. I will say she is a great example of how to have faith during extremely hard times. She is my hero.

Look at her go.
And look at that smile!
Those are my legs on the top
right-hand corner.
This was our first race as a family. GO RUNNING FAMILY! The hubs was able to run due to a friend of ours not being able to make it. So the hubs took his number. THEN, our little K ran her very first Kids 1K...and did awesome! I ran about 100 ft behind her on the way out. I wanted her to get her rhythm, find her pace, clear away from all the tiny ones that were running as well. Every few minutes she would turn around to see if I was there. I would yell, "GO K. I'm right here watching you!!! You look great!!! Keep GOING!" And she did. She reached the lady that marked the turn around point, and that is where I joined her. Side by side we ran, and little K was FOCUSED!!! Breathing, correcting her posture, looking straight ahead. I asked her, "How do you feel? We are almost there." She says, "I feel good. My legs don't even hurt." YES! That's my girl! As we reach the finish line I asked her if she wanted to run under the blue finish sign alone or with me. "I want to do it alone." Officially a big girl. At the start of her race she was nervous and shy. By the end she was determined and on a roll! "OK, K. When you turn the corner you run hard all the way to the end!" I am so proud of her. She is already asking about her next race. YES!!!!!!!!!

This was a great day.

City Impact 5K time 27:33, 8:53/mile. Pin It


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