Friday, June 22, 2012

Track Tuesdays

ME? Track workouts?...who would have thunk it? 

About 5 weeks ago I had the brilliant idea of joining a local running group. When I finally put it into my schedule I was super pumped. The night before I set everything out, all ready to go so that when I got home the next day from work all I had to do was change and head to the track! Even the morning of, I was so determined I was going. 

Well, by the time I got home that day my enthusiasm turned into fear of the unknown, and that unknown told me, "You're not going". So I tell the hubs, "I don't think I feel like going to track". HA! My hubs knows me too well. He knew what I was up to. Eventually I confessed that I didn't want to go because I was scared. 

Long story made short, I went. AND, the hubs went with me! 

So we got to the track and while I waited to see where the group met up, I decided I just wanted to "watch" that day. That's when things got really bad. The hubs could not believe it. All this way, dressed and ready to go, and now I want to WATCH!?!?! Then he got all serious. I knew I was in for it. The guilt was too much. He shamed me into walking over to the group. I walked over there like a little girl, forced by my dad to go and play nice. And just when you thought the worst was over, he hung around to WATCH me. Lap after lap after lap, there he was leaning over the fence, making sure I didn't stop or try to sneak away to the bathroom. Well, it has been 5 weeks that I have been going to track days and I'm so glad I walked down there to meet the group that first day :) And yes, I did thank the hubs for "encouraging" me to do it. 

So track is pretty fun, until the exercise for the day starts. Then it is just a good way, of course. 

I know that track workouts are meant for speed work, but I'm not really "fast" yet. Brandy put it well when she said our "fast" isn't much different from our "slow"...they just kinda blend together :) 

So yes, I go slow...slowest in the group, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am happy to take over that title from Brandy...the self-proclaimed "slow one". Sorry, lady! You're going to have to settle for second-slowest now. 
Watch out...if you blink you might
miss me!

I think running in a group can be intimidating for many. It was for me. "What if I'm the SLOWEST one?!?" Well, turns out I am, and it's not a terrible thing either. I figure one's experience with a running group really depends on the dynamics of the group, and this group welcomes all abilities...really. It is really great to be welcomed just as you are. No questions about how fast or far you run. No "looks" as people lap you for the twelfth time on the track. Quite the contrary with this bunch. The more you get lapped, the more cheers and encouragement you get. There are perks to being slow :) 

The amazing thing is that is just a few weeks of going to track workouts, I already feel a difference in my running. I run more comfortably. I enjoy running more. AMAZING! I also join this group for a weekly long run (details to come another day). 

So far, so good. I'm really enjoying Track Tuesdays. 


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