Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Year #1 as Mr. & Mrs.

On July 10 last year, I made the craziest, coolest, smartest decision...I got married! It was such a wonderful day...something I will never forget. It was simple, like us. On a budget, like us. With lots of "do it yourselves", like us. I remember the entire month of June and the early days in July, we had major "June gloom". Cloudy, cold, sad looking. I prayed and prayed that on July 10 the sun would poke its head out for just a bit. Well the sun shined down on us that day, and it shined hard (thank God I ordered fans for our guests).

And this wedding was not a wedding of two, it was a wedding of three. This was little K's wedding as much as it was mine. She was part of just about everything. She gave her opinions and made suggestions on just about everything, from flowers to food to her dress to where on the property we would get married. I loved that she felt that was her special day too. And it totally was her wedding too. That day God didn't create a married couple, He created a family.

My father-in-law told us yesterday that the first year is the hardest. Yes, I won't lie, it was tough for all three of us. From the big issues of holidays and money management to the not so "little" issues like folding towels a certain way (the hub's won this one) and agreeing on the proper way the toilet paper should hang (over the top, of course!). But here we are, with towels folded and the toilet paper hanging correctly and we are happy...
Celebrating year one.

AND we each are 10 lbs lighter! Marriage has turned out to be the best diet. All kidding aside, this last year we have both encouraged each other to be active, find something we like doing and do it. The hubs has taken up triathlons, and obviously I have taken up running. Although we are super busy with work, school, little K, church, and loved ones, having a "hobby" that we can do independently and as a family has been something that has made us closer. Something we can work towards together, encourage each other, push and challenge one another. 

July 10, 2011 was the day God blessed me with a wonderful husband who makes me feel so loved, cherished, and important, and the most thoughtful little girl who has colored my world pink and purple and has flipped everything upside-down and inside-out. We were so fortunate to have lots of help from our loved ones to make this day so memorable. A wonderful ceremony by the pastors of our church, great food by our favorite Mexican restaurant, the best mariachi one could ask for, beautiful flowers just the way me and my little K imagined them, and a cake that even I ate (I don't usually like cake but this one was the bomb!). And of course, family and friends that helped organized, brainstorm, glue, write, fold, stick, tape, and a million other things I'm sure I am forgetting. 

If you had asked me 10 years ago what my life would have been like at 27, I most certainly would not have painted this picture...

This life is WAY better than anything I had ever imagined.

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