Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I need to RUN!!!

Quick, frustrated post...

I am at the doc's office (non-running issue...though, I should get this injury thing checked out again), and I am catching up on my blog reading. Reading about people running makes me want to RUN! Almost 5 weeks since I have run. AAAHHH!!! Swimming occationally has been nice, but it is just NOT THE SAME! Please God heal this injury! I need to run...even if it is just around the block!

Rant over. Thanks.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's off to hike we go...

This is a good picture of how we were feeling at the end of this weekend...

This photo was taken as we walked into our place. After a 2 hour hike and running up sand dunes,
the grown-ups are pooped but the kid is apparently ready to repeat!

Yes, this was a weekend spent outdoors in the hot SoCal sun. After two days of being up and about, my ischiogluteal-blah-blah-blah injury is not very happy with me...but after 16 days of doing nothing, MAN this felt soooooooooo good! I will gladly take the hurt tomorrow...here comes the recap.

Saturday morning, I went on a quick one hour hike with my husband and father-in-law. It was HOT!

Later that day, my hubby and I did some laps at the pool which I think really helped me pain-wise with my injury. I woke up this morning (Sunday) with almost no pain.

Today I took a group of 24 people on the same hike I went on this Saturday, only this time we hiked for 2 hours...with a bunch of kids! They all did awesome...but I'm sure the gold-fishy snacks I gave them at the half way point helped a lot! When you've got kids with you, gold-fishies win them over every time!

See the person with the white shirt next to the person with the white cap way at the top?...
okay, look to the right of them and you see ME...well my left arm. Wanted to go up more but
the hubs said no more :(
My loves.

Since we weren't tired enough after the hike, we decided to drive over to the sand dune/hill near by.

Okay, seriously this is hard. Fun, but hard. But a great workout too. But if you don't like sand getting EVERYWHERE, I do not recommend this. You will fall, you will slide, you will be covered in sand. 

Ran to the top...little K is on her way!
But we made it! Little K took a bit longer...she decided to collect pieces of cardboard on the way up in hopes of building a sled for the way down...not very successful, though. 

She made it!

YAY! Feelin' so good and enjoying a beautiful evening.
I'm tired. I don't smell very good either. An entire evening of sweating...oh, I forgot the mention I helped my brother bathe our family's English bulldog...so I have a bit of smelling dog on me too. Off to shower.

Hope you had an awesome and totally blessed weekend like we did.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I have LOVED this summer. I normally don't like summer time. I think my dislike for the summer time has been due to the fact that summer time is hot, I am usually on a weird and too short break between the tortures of college life, working short/awkward jobs, moving a lot, and did I mention the heat?

But this summer has been WAY different. First of all, this is my first summer that I am not exiting/entering school...YAY for big-girl life and stability! Second of all, it is not just me alone anymore. I got my little family keeping me super busy. Summer is way more fun with a 7 year-old and a crazy hubby. And finally, I think it is all the vitamin D I have been getting from the sun. I am normally never outside during the summer, but this summer I have been in the sun a whole bunch. I know there isn’t major proof out there demonstrating if vitamin D influences mood/mental health, etc., but there must be a reason why depression rates are much higher in places where is it always rainy/cloudy. All I can say is if you’re feeling blue, put some sunblock on and get outside. I have been eating my lunch outside on the porch of my office and in those 10 minutes (yes, I only take 10 minutes…I’m supposed to take an hour!) I feel re-energized for the rest of the day…well, at least until 3pm when I then walk a couple blocks to Starbucks for my 100th cup of coffee.

Being outdoors has been wonderful. Running. Taking little K to the park, swimming, the beach. It has been great.

Plus, I have these two who make every moment entertaining. We have spent a wonderful summer together. Being out. Being VERY busy. Being active. 

My monkeys. Balcony B-B-Qing.

But, I have to admit I am thankful that it is almost time to go back to school! This is the first time ever that I am so exited for school to start!

On a related note, my ischio-whatever injury is getting better. I have had to be very patient with this, and if you ask my loved ones they will tell you patience is not exactly my "forte". But these last couple weeks of no running, no anything really, have given me more time with my familia. We have been so crazy busy this summer. Every weekend we've had multiple things come up. I thought summer time was supposed to be relaxing. So these couple of weeks of no physical activity for me has allowed me to be there for them. Going to swim practice. To hang out and watch a movie that is not PG with my husband.  Even though this injury frustrates me at times, deep down I feel it is a blessing in disguise. 

Hope everyone is enjoying a healthy, happy, and I'm sure HOT summer. Stay safe.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ischiogluteal bursitis...what the heck is that?

Ischiogluteal bursitis...don't ask me to say it out loud.

Well, however you pronounce it, that's what I'm dealing with...or at least something very similar. Some groin/hamstring pain. At first I thought it was a pulled groin muscle (had all the symptoms)

It hurts where it says ischiogluteal bursa.
Where it says hamstring tendon...it huts there too.
Image source

Let me tell you, this is no fun.

This is an "official" doctor diagnosis. When I went to see my doc today about something else, I mentioned to her my symptoms and she thinks this is what I've got. FYI, I LOVE my doc. In her single/pre-mommy days, she ran a lot. She has amazing stories about running in Jerusalem. She is totally into my running and is very encouraging of me pushing myself and slowly but surely making my way to longer distances. Okay, back to my ischio-thing. 
What are the symptoms:
Pain and tenderness at the ischial tuberosity (YES)
Pain when stretching the hamstring (YES)
Pain when flexing the knee against resistance (YES, YES, YES)
A gradually onset of pain following a sprinting session (You bet!)
Pain which may be aggravated by sitting (YES...you should see my impromptu standing work station in my office).

My doc asked it I wanted to get some imaging done of my injury (MRI, X-ray, that kind of thing). I said no. We have a pretty good idea of what this is. And even if this is not the correct diagnosis, I know that the recovery/treatment is still the same no matter what this pain is:
  • Rest (NOOOO!!!!)
  • Apply ice or cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation (AAAHHHH!)
  • See a doctor or physiotherapist if symptoms persist.
  • Carry out hamstring strengthening and rehabilitation as pain may have caused weakness through muscle inhibition (Boring!)
Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit here. But the whole "rest" thing has not been fun. As of tomorrow, it will have been an entire 7 days that I have done absolutely no running in the last 5 months! I think the most I have gone in between runs these last 5 months has been 3 days MAX! Just when I was starting to dig all this running, I have to stop. No fun. Ice...also not fun. After that first ice bath I took (if you haven't seen the video you can find it here), I am not looking forward to them...though it really did help the recovery after that long trail run. See a doctor, kind of already did that. Strengthening and rehabilitation, not so bad.

The actual pain is starting to subside, so from what I have read it is a good time to start stretching more. I will also be swimming since I am so bored and need to be doing something...anything with no impact (walking even hurt). As of today, I think it will be another week and a half before I can go for a run (sad face). But I really want this to heal as fast and best as it can since I have also read that this can become chronic if I don't take care of this now.

I think this means the 10K I was planning on running in September will be a no-go. But, I have my eyes set on a 10-miler later this year.

Stay safe.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick hello: Harbor Lights # 4 + new PR (BARELY!)

So we are nearing the end of the Harbor Lights series. Last one is this week. Last week I decided to run the 5K while the hubs did the 1/2mile swim + 5K.

The hubs did awesome! Best time so far.

I barely finished under my old 5K time @ 26:40. I am surprised since I was not feeling it before, during or after the race. I have to admit, I am not loving the 5K distance...it is HARD! More than anything I find it mentally tough...which is probably why I should continue to race them. They really challenge both my physical and mental ability. Find you pace quickly, hang onto it, don't let the mind, the wind, or fast people side-track you...easier said than done.

FYI, I'm injured. Groin pull. Ouch! This pain started about 2 weeks ago and I had very minor discomfort, so I was silly enough to keep running. This last Harbor Lights was the last string. Friday morning I woke up in a lot of pain. So now I am on complete rest. Most activities hurt like getting dressed, walking, getting in and out of bed. Good thing I have high pain tolerance...thanks, Mom! I am hoping the pain will start to calm down in the next couple days so I can start swimming while I wait for full recovery. We will see. I am determined to be smart about this and not make it worse! Patience, Vanessa. Plus, it really does hurt. I learned my lesson. Hopefully this will be history next week so I can start up again and get ready for my next 10K. Pin It

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hubby does triathlon

Sunday morning we rolled out of bed at 3:30am to get ready for my hubby's second sprint triathlon. Second year at the same event.

The night before, I packed PB&J sandwiches, water, yogurt, milk (for the little one, of course). And the morning of the event, we packed up the car with tri equipment and loaded up the kiddo.

FYI, little K loves getting up early for race days! Getting up when it is still dark, putting on warm/winter clothes, taking pillows and blankets and a teddy bear into the car, watching crazy people jump into freezing-cold water...what's there not to like!?!

Our drive to the race was about 45 minutes. We arrived around 5:15am. The hubby got down first to check-in and claim his spot in the transition area...I waited in the car and let little K sleep a bit more. 5:45am, woke up the kiddo, had "breakfast" in the car, walked over to the race, and hung around until the start time.

Luckily, it does not take much to keep us (me and little K) entertained for an hour. We danced, told jokes, made up stories about the people walking by, danced some more, picked out our favorite bikes entering the transition area, danced some more.

7am arrives and the hubby's wave goes in first. Go green caps!

Swim: 440 yards
Bike: 6.5 miles (shorter than last year...why, not sure)
Run: 5K

The swim is definitely his toughest event, so good thing that is first. But over the last 3 weeks he has been doing a half mile swim once a week and that has helped him get ready these last few weeks. He comes out of the water and off to the bike. Little K and I run following him from the shore to the transition and watch him jump on the bike. As he arrives, we cheer him on as he grabs some shot blocks and heads out of transition for the run. Again, little K and I run over to where he will pass by twice before heading down to the beach for the major part of the run. Little K and I get a pretty good workout too running around on the sand, following our guy around the course.

 The hub's finishes 1hour, 3 minutes. 82 out of 240. He is in a pretty tough age group, 30-34, so 13 out of 21 is pretty darn awesome! And honestly, this is with VERY minimal training.

My husband is just awesome! I think that this is only the beginning of his triathlon life. He is great for this sport. Not only because he can handle each of the events well, but because of his mental strength and will power. I think he will be doing one more sprint this year (I haven't told him that yet...I will let him know after I sign him up!). Over the next couple years, his plan is to nail the olympic distance (roughly 2x the sprint distance).

My husband is a little crazy...but I guess so am I. Starting these new sports less than a year after we get married, with a kid, and new jobs/schools/schedules, and on a tight budget. But we are so happy! Little K is also enjoying this crazy life of watching us get more serious with our new hobbies and is participating in just about any kids 1K we find (more about little K later).

A year ago, a friend of mine let the hubs borrow her bike (same bike he used this year) to compete in this tri, and here we are one year later...and this is only the beginning. Thanks Kristin. This is all your fault :)

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