Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I have LOVED this summer. I normally don't like summer time. I think my dislike for the summer time has been due to the fact that summer time is hot, I am usually on a weird and too short break between the tortures of college life, working short/awkward jobs, moving a lot, and did I mention the heat?

But this summer has been WAY different. First of all, this is my first summer that I am not exiting/entering school...YAY for big-girl life and stability! Second of all, it is not just me alone anymore. I got my little family keeping me super busy. Summer is way more fun with a 7 year-old and a crazy hubby. And finally, I think it is all the vitamin D I have been getting from the sun. I am normally never outside during the summer, but this summer I have been in the sun a whole bunch. I know there isn’t major proof out there demonstrating if vitamin D influences mood/mental health, etc., but there must be a reason why depression rates are much higher in places where is it always rainy/cloudy. All I can say is if you’re feeling blue, put some sunblock on and get outside. I have been eating my lunch outside on the porch of my office and in those 10 minutes (yes, I only take 10 minutes…I’m supposed to take an hour!) I feel re-energized for the rest of the day…well, at least until 3pm when I then walk a couple blocks to Starbucks for my 100th cup of coffee.

Being outdoors has been wonderful. Running. Taking little K to the park, swimming, the beach. It has been great.

Plus, I have these two who make every moment entertaining. We have spent a wonderful summer together. Being out. Being VERY busy. Being active. 

My monkeys. Balcony B-B-Qing.

But, I have to admit I am thankful that it is almost time to go back to school! This is the first time ever that I am so exited for school to start!

On a related note, my ischio-whatever injury is getting better. I have had to be very patient with this, and if you ask my loved ones they will tell you patience is not exactly my "forte". But these last couple weeks of no running, no anything really, have given me more time with my familia. We have been so crazy busy this summer. Every weekend we've had multiple things come up. I thought summer time was supposed to be relaxing. So these couple of weeks of no physical activity for me has allowed me to be there for them. Going to swim practice. To hang out and watch a movie that is not PG with my husband.  Even though this injury frustrates me at times, deep down I feel it is a blessing in disguise. 

Hope everyone is enjoying a healthy, happy, and I'm sure HOT summer. Stay safe.

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