Monday, March 4, 2013

Turn it into glory

Daily Kick in the Butt quote from Runners World...

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.
William Barclay, Scottish Theologian 

Ran 6 this chilling was glorious.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

4.5 pain-free miles!

Hooray to no more pain!!! 

So thankful for my night-time run with my hubby...absolutely no pain. Granted, they were the slowest 4.5 miles I have run in like a year, but I was so thrilled to get through the run with virtually no pain (just the normal knee/ankle/joint pain after no use for like 2 months). 

I owe it all to the hubs, who talked me into heading out the door at 6:20pm, in the dark, for a run on a Saturday night...that's what we do for fun together :)

AND, I think I have discovered a "new" hobby thanks to another friend...but more of that to come later...but back to my run...

I must admit, I was not in the mood to run for about the first 3 miles. Just felt like a big I was dragging this body around my neighborhood...but I pressed on...didn't want to disappoint the hubby who was being such a trooper going at my turtle speed. I just kept telling myself, "You have to do else will you ever know if you're ready to get back in the groove of things!?! KEEP GOING!" 

And then, FINALLY, I got into a "groove". We reached our car at 4.5 miles, and I honestly felt like saying, "how about 2 more", but I didn't want to over-do it on my longest run since my half marathon in December...YES, you read that right, 4.5 miles was my "long run".

Overall, just thankful! Thankful for a husband who motivates me and doesn't complain about going super slow...who doesn't leave my side no matter how many times I tell him to run ahead and I will catch up later...who actually loves running with his wife (I believe him too when he says that)...

Thankful for a body that tells me when something is wrong, then heals, then allows me to continue pursuing goals I have for myself...thankful for this time I have had to think while I think and realize just how much I actually love this running "thing" and how much running gives me. Joy, time, feelings of accomplishments and awe of what I can do, goals to reach for and records to break. 

Hopefully I can stay injury-free :)

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