Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The little lady and I

Every day is different. You have your good days, your not so good days, your frustrating days, your "I can't believe its already 7pm!!" days, your never-ending days...and then you have a day like I had over the weekend...pure joy.

My husband attended our church's men's advance...men don't "retreat" they advance...which left me and little K with a weekend together.....GIRL TIME according to the little one. I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while. Time to spend alone with my little one, completely focused on her. With my new job and our crazy schedules, the last few months have been very "full" with rare moments to really enjoy each other. Be in the moment together. 

Chillin' before the meet.

Saturday started with getting ready for the weekly track meet. Little K has really blow us away with not only how well she is doing, but how much she is really liking the sport. We got up, got dressed, apple and cinnamon oatmeal (the pre-race staple meal in our home), packed snacks, chairs, umbrella, and off we were. We got to the track and found our spot in the stands and set camp for the day...we were so comfy in our little camp site. The weather was absolutely perfect for a track meet. Sunny but not too hot, with a gentle, crisp breeze every once and a while.

We were so ridiculously comfortable...I could have been there forever. Breakfast burritos, apples, mandarins, pirates booty (yes!), and of course a large dose of coffee.

After absolutely rocking her meet, Little K and I chilled poolside. I'm too chicken to get in, but the freezing water was great for my achy foot. I feel some tightness coming and going so I am trying to be as proactive as I can and prevent plantars fasciitis...watching my husband deal with this is no fun.

This girl can run all morning, help me wash my car and my mom's car, then swim for an hour,
and STILL be ready for a girl's night movie...

The evening ended with some delicious chinese food and a movie. 

The day was perfect. It was one of those go-with-the-flow, no plans, no appointments, no "to do's" kind of day...haven't had one of those in a while. I was so happy to see my husband on Sunday afternoon when he came home, but like I told him, I was thankful for the time alone I had with little K. 

This girl is just growing up so fast. I don't want to miss a minute of it. This experience I am living of stepmotherhood is more incredible than I ever imagined. Yes, it is hard. Raising any child is hard. Being a step-parent can be hard. It is a special relationship you build with a child. It takes time, a lot of time. I have known little K for a very long time which has been a real blessing for our relationship. Every day I look at her and thank God for allowing me to be a small part of her life. She transforms my life daily.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workin' though the pain

Injuries. What to say? How about they stink!

Since October of last year the hubs and I have each been dealing with our own ouchies. I've been doing a little better than he has these last few weeks.

Me: I've just got aches and pains everywhere right now. My groin injury for a few months ago is pretty much healed, just feels very tight so when I start to over-stride I have a reminder to watch my form. My knee is better. I recently transitioned over from stability to neutral shoes. I was VERY nervous at first. I stuck with Asics since my feet don't seem to like other brands (except for  Saucony...I may try those someday). I'm running in the Asics Nimbus (most current model, sorry I don't know the number). The thought was that the stability shoes may be providing too much stability, so the idea is to see how I respond to these "neutral +" shoes...only time will tell. So far, 2 weeks and they are great. So those two injuries are hopefully recovering. Other than that, I just have those aches and pains from getting back into my running routine. The pain shakes off after a little bit. Just feeling tight.

The hubs: This poor man has been dealing with plantar fasciitis. He is trying really hard to work through it, but it is taking a long time. Currently, it is still pretty bad. All we can do right now is massage, stretch, ice/heat, roll, repeat with a lot of rest. Absolutely no running right now.

These are our new best friends...   

My "hurt" is a good hurt. The hurt that reminds you how bad you need to keep going to get past this kind of pain. The "getting back into it" pain. My husband's "hurt" is the kind that tests you. It tests your patience, commitment to get better, and self-control. Wait for it to get better. Do all you can do (rolling, icing, stretching, etc) to get this better. Do not run when you think its better. 

Patience. Commitment. Self-control. 

My hubs can do it. 

Its funny to see how much healing from an injury is similar to the sport itself. 

Patience. Yes. Very necessary when starting something new like running that does not really "click" for most of us when we first start. It hurts, bad. You wish your body could just "GO" and not slug around at a painfully slow speed, especially when others are zooming by. You wish things were just better. But no, things just aren't that way when you start off. Hence, Patience. Learning to be kind to yourself. To recognize and celebrate the "little" victories like not having to take a walking break, or adding a mile to your routine. Knowing and allowing for the process to take its course...allowing the body to adjust to this really new movement. Allowing your brain to register everything you are asking your body to do. Patience. 

Commitment. Commitment is married to patience in my book. Without one, the other is weak. Running is something that certainly does not "happen" over night. You don't magically wake up and run faster or have the ability to go farther (well, some rarely freakish people can, but most of us not so much). We have to commit to the process. Some days will be great. Others will be terrible. Commit to the sport, especially on the bad days. Sticking with it regardless.

Self-control. Knowing how much is enough. Knowing just how hard to push. Pacing. Honest self-checks. Not running like superman just because you are "feeling" like superman. Sticking to what you know is right for you.

Here's to putting these into practice as best as possible. 

Over the next few weeks the plan for me is to just build back to where I was last summer. Just getting back into my routine. No training plans, goal times. Just get out there and run injury-free and trying to stay that way as I build back up in mileage. For my husband, all this month and next month will be dedicated to healing. We have a race in mind for over the summer so hopefully he will heal and be ready to get out there again, slowly of course. 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Honoring Boston & feelin' the runner love

Yup, I rocked a race shirt to work yesterday. Through social media the word spread to all runners to sport a race shirt the day after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon...I just could not resist.

Half Marathon of the Harbors 2012 race shirt.

It was really awesome to not only be part of a movement who knows how big, but also to share my love for running with my co-workers and be an example of just how committed and supportive the running community at large is...




Though I am very new to running, though I have not [yet] run a marathon or any major, large, or televised race, though I have SO much to learn and grow in this new hobby/lifestyle/sport...what happened in Boston hit me hard. 

The day after the Boston tragedy, I ran with my track buddies. I didn't do the workout, just race a few miles at an easy pace around the track, testing out new shoes and PRAYING knee pain would stay away, and watching everyone speed on by. Watching everyone, these speed monsters, lap me time and time again, it made me happy. I felt a sense of joy to see people running, happy in their pain from the workout, feeling satisfied at the end, being thankful for another day of doing something they really love. I don't think I have ever enjoyed being lapped this much (and I get lapped all the time!). 

I am heart-broken for all those impacted by what happened on 4/15, but so thankful to be part of a community so strong and united during such tough times. 

So happy running found me.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Never is my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I would write a post like this one. On April 15, 2013 tragedy struck in Boston. On the day that is "the" day for runners all over the world...a day many work endless hours to reach...a day many of us only DREAM about...a day that celebrates a wonderful city and a wonderful tradition of embracing the amazing ability of the human body...bombs went off. A little after the 4 hour mark of the marathon, 2 explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One second people were cheering and celebrating as they reached the end of their 26.2 journey, the next second complete chaos. I won't be posting photos of the events that happened today...many of us will unfortunately never forget them. 3 lives were lost, over 100 injured. Tragic.

There isn't much to say about this other than how incredibly sad this day has been. I began watching the live stream of the marathon online but had to get to work, so I stopped watching around the one hour forty minute mark of the women's race. For my lunch, I planned to rush home to finish watching the race, but by the time I turned on my car the radio was announcing the sad news. The rest of my day was spent in disbelief and heartbreak for all those involved.

Today will be a day I never forget. I pray for those impacted by this terrible event that they find some comfort and peace after such a shattering event...I pray for those of us who run that we always remember that safety is #1...I pray that we all realize how precious life is and that each moment, each step, each deep breath, is a gift.

Live this gift to the fullest.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got inspiration?

This last weekend was quite the adventure! I participated in a 5 person relay covering 65 miles in beautiful SoCal...I will be posting more about this crazy adventure soon...but today's blog is focused on one little word...inspiration.

My last few posts have made it very clear that I have not been "on track" with running. Being such a newbie at this sport, my issues with my groin and knee made it so difficult to keep up with the momentum I had after only a few months of running. After starting to feel better, it was tough to get back into the groove of running slowly. So I went months without running. Most of September, October and November was spent trying to heal my injuries. December I managed to complete a half marathon and improved my time by 10 minutes from the previous year...but after that I went back to very minimal running due to pain creeping back and then major changes with work.

And then super inspiring things started...though I was oblivious of it at the time...how sad, I know. I guess sometimes it takes time for all these wonderful things to blend themselves in your brain and your heart until they piece themselves together and you have you AAHHHH moment.

My little K started running track...and then my husband started asking me to run with him. I never run with him...he is too fast and I always feel like a turtle next to him...but something told me to just go on the darn run with him and it was so much fun. We started our "running-in-the-dark dates" that hopefully can continue at least once a month or so...just the two of us on dark paths with only my headlamp. And then I was asked if I was interested in running this crazy relay to help complete the 3rd team...again the little voice in my head (and my husband) said "DO IT"...do it even though you haven't been running...even though you hate hills and NEVER run hills...do it!  All these things just started to pull me back.

Then just this morning, a teammate from the relay wrote me a kind response to an email saying that my little blog could hopefully inspire others...and that word rung so loud inside me. It hit me deep inside my gut. All these super inspiring/motivating things going on in my life and not FEELING the inspiration pouring out from them.

Now having had a little kick in the butt from my friend's email (and the relay!) I pieced some things together...I am thankful to my friend Rafael who just threw that word at me in an email... inspire...it really got me thinking...

Crazy people who never left each others' side after 10+ hours of running!


Final stretch of 65 miles

My little K running her heart out and completely blowing us away with her hard work and determination!

Finish line of the 200m sprint.

And my man! He leaves me speechless. I never thought I would be so blessed with a partner who REALLY is my partner in everything.

Sprint tri outside of Sta. Barbara 2012.

I think sometimes in this busy world, it can get very easy to forget to appreciate the "little" things...which really aren't so "little" and actually let ourselves feel and be inspired. If this little blog can inspire someone to do SOMETHING...ANYTHING...that would bring health and happiness into their lives...wow...it would be an honor. It has been about a year and a half since I started running, and a year and a half ago I was dying after 3 miles...now, in such a short amount of time, I am loving this running thing more and more.

 Inspiration is everywhere...we just need to let ourselves see it more often. My goal...to be inspired daily.

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