Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got inspiration?

This last weekend was quite the adventure! I participated in a 5 person relay covering 65 miles in beautiful SoCal...I will be posting more about this crazy adventure soon...but today's blog is focused on one little word...inspiration.

My last few posts have made it very clear that I have not been "on track" with running. Being such a newbie at this sport, my issues with my groin and knee made it so difficult to keep up with the momentum I had after only a few months of running. After starting to feel better, it was tough to get back into the groove of running slowly. So I went months without running. Most of September, October and November was spent trying to heal my injuries. December I managed to complete a half marathon and improved my time by 10 minutes from the previous year...but after that I went back to very minimal running due to pain creeping back and then major changes with work.

And then super inspiring things started...though I was oblivious of it at the time...how sad, I know. I guess sometimes it takes time for all these wonderful things to blend themselves in your brain and your heart until they piece themselves together and you have you AAHHHH moment.

My little K started running track...and then my husband started asking me to run with him. I never run with him...he is too fast and I always feel like a turtle next to him...but something told me to just go on the darn run with him and it was so much fun. We started our "running-in-the-dark dates" that hopefully can continue at least once a month or so...just the two of us on dark paths with only my headlamp. And then I was asked if I was interested in running this crazy relay to help complete the 3rd team...again the little voice in my head (and my husband) said "DO IT"...do it even though you haven't been running...even though you hate hills and NEVER run hills...do it!  All these things just started to pull me back.

Then just this morning, a teammate from the relay wrote me a kind response to an email saying that my little blog could hopefully inspire others...and that word rung so loud inside me. It hit me deep inside my gut. All these super inspiring/motivating things going on in my life and not FEELING the inspiration pouring out from them.

Now having had a little kick in the butt from my friend's email (and the relay!) I pieced some things together...I am thankful to my friend Rafael who just threw that word at me in an email... inspire...it really got me thinking...

Crazy people who never left each others' side after 10+ hours of running!


Final stretch of 65 miles

My little K running her heart out and completely blowing us away with her hard work and determination!

Finish line of the 200m sprint.

And my man! He leaves me speechless. I never thought I would be so blessed with a partner who REALLY is my partner in everything.

Sprint tri outside of Sta. Barbara 2012.

I think sometimes in this busy world, it can get very easy to forget to appreciate the "little" things...which really aren't so "little" and actually let ourselves feel and be inspired. If this little blog can inspire someone to do SOMETHING...ANYTHING...that would bring health and happiness into their lives...wow...it would be an honor. It has been about a year and a half since I started running, and a year and a half ago I was dying after 3 miles...now, in such a short amount of time, I am loving this running thing more and more.

 Inspiration is everywhere...we just need to let ourselves see it more often. My goal...to be inspired daily.

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