Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workin' though the pain

Injuries. What to say? How about they stink!

Since October of last year the hubs and I have each been dealing with our own ouchies. I've been doing a little better than he has these last few weeks.

Me: I've just got aches and pains everywhere right now. My groin injury for a few months ago is pretty much healed, just feels very tight so when I start to over-stride I have a reminder to watch my form. My knee is better. I recently transitioned over from stability to neutral shoes. I was VERY nervous at first. I stuck with Asics since my feet don't seem to like other brands (except for  Saucony...I may try those someday). I'm running in the Asics Nimbus (most current model, sorry I don't know the number). The thought was that the stability shoes may be providing too much stability, so the idea is to see how I respond to these "neutral +" shoes...only time will tell. So far, 2 weeks and they are great. So those two injuries are hopefully recovering. Other than that, I just have those aches and pains from getting back into my running routine. The pain shakes off after a little bit. Just feeling tight.

The hubs: This poor man has been dealing with plantar fasciitis. He is trying really hard to work through it, but it is taking a long time. Currently, it is still pretty bad. All we can do right now is massage, stretch, ice/heat, roll, repeat with a lot of rest. Absolutely no running right now.

These are our new best friends...   

My "hurt" is a good hurt. The hurt that reminds you how bad you need to keep going to get past this kind of pain. The "getting back into it" pain. My husband's "hurt" is the kind that tests you. It tests your patience, commitment to get better, and self-control. Wait for it to get better. Do all you can do (rolling, icing, stretching, etc) to get this better. Do not run when you think its better. 

Patience. Commitment. Self-control. 

My hubs can do it. 

Its funny to see how much healing from an injury is similar to the sport itself. 

Patience. Yes. Very necessary when starting something new like running that does not really "click" for most of us when we first start. It hurts, bad. You wish your body could just "GO" and not slug around at a painfully slow speed, especially when others are zooming by. You wish things were just better. But no, things just aren't that way when you start off. Hence, Patience. Learning to be kind to yourself. To recognize and celebrate the "little" victories like not having to take a walking break, or adding a mile to your routine. Knowing and allowing for the process to take its course...allowing the body to adjust to this really new movement. Allowing your brain to register everything you are asking your body to do. Patience. 

Commitment. Commitment is married to patience in my book. Without one, the other is weak. Running is something that certainly does not "happen" over night. You don't magically wake up and run faster or have the ability to go farther (well, some rarely freakish people can, but most of us not so much). We have to commit to the process. Some days will be great. Others will be terrible. Commit to the sport, especially on the bad days. Sticking with it regardless.

Self-control. Knowing how much is enough. Knowing just how hard to push. Pacing. Honest self-checks. Not running like superman just because you are "feeling" like superman. Sticking to what you know is right for you.

Here's to putting these into practice as best as possible. 

Over the next few weeks the plan for me is to just build back to where I was last summer. Just getting back into my routine. No training plans, goal times. Just get out there and run injury-free and trying to stay that way as I build back up in mileage. For my husband, all this month and next month will be dedicated to healing. We have a race in mind for over the summer so hopefully he will heal and be ready to get out there again, slowly of course. 

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  1. You guys are such a strong couple I admire how you guys help each other with your activities and dreams keep it up vane. Every time I'm running and I about to give up I remember what you told me is just putting one foot in front of the other you can do it Karla. Those words helped me to start tryin to run and I'm still trying.

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