Friday, May 3, 2013

Kick-your-butt Kettlebells

Wanted to DIE in class today...I loved it!!!

I must confess, I REALLY don't like the gym.

1) I don't like the machines...I can barely manage 5 miles on the dread-mill. I don't run with music, but on the treadmill, I have to BLAST pop/rock/funk music to get me through the miles.

2) I don't really like classes. I have major ADD. I honestly don't know how I managed to get through graduate school and actually learned something. In all honesty, I have a really hard time concentrating if I am not fully engaged, entertained, and enthusiastic (yes, awesome alliteration, I know!) I will most likely lose interest in about 10 minutes, or drift in and out of whatever is going on.

3) I REALLY don't like watching other watch themselves...Okay, yes you're cute. Yes, you have big bulging muscles. Yes, your make-up is still in place after sweating ONE drop. COME ON! I am all for self-love but there is a time (after you leave the gym) and place (umm, like at home!) to drool over yourself.

HOWEVER, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my Thursday night Kettlebell class! My own local Jillian Michaels. Holy COW does she make you work...and the woman kicks everyone's butt in class AND she just had her second baby!!!

Any whoo, she rocks. I am totally engaged during the class. I respond very well to the bootcamp/circuit training style she has. It is hard, no joke. But after you feel like a rockstar...too bad you don't look like one right after. I can't even believe how much I actually LOVE getting my butt kicked in this class. SIMPLY ROCKS!

Earlier this week I posted a picture of my knee....

As I mentioned before, I totally rocked the rubber-banded ice
pack at the office.

I didn't run Tuesday or Wednesday to rest it. During Kettlebells I felt great...completely forgot about the knee issue. No pain. So then I tested the knee on the treadmill...didn't even get to ONE MILE without some pain. So I immediately stopped. Can I say FRUSTRATED!! Okay, patience. Let's give it another day. Saturday I will test it out again. This can't be happening. I am wondering if its the shoes. I just recently went to neutrals (hesitantly) and maybe that's what is causing all these goofy pains in my knee and foot. Hmmmmm...continuing....

So then my hubs and I went to the grocery store...bad idea. NEVER, I repeat NEVER go the grocery store hungry after the gym. I swear I wanted to eat everything in sight. But we were strong, got the 3 things we needed and bolted out of there!

Dinner time. I marinated some chicken quarters (without the skin, of course) over night with onions, salt, pepper, a tiny bit of rosemary, and lemon juice. Threw them in the crockpot today and voila...


The hubs had chicken with a TINY bit of rice. 

It was WAY too hot today for any hot foods for me...I truly CRAVED a cold, crisp salad. 

I grubbed on this...TOTALLY HIT THE SPOT!


UMMM, this looks so good...making me hungry. Off to bed before I eat something.

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