Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let the training begin!

Next race...PAID FOR!!! Now time to start training.

9 weeks 'til race day.

Half marathon trail run......AAAHHHHH!!!!

Why? Cuz I am THAT CRAZY!

Luckily, the last few weeks have already been full of hills. Lucky me. It must be a sign to do this race.

Actually, I am really excited. I think this will be a great challenge for me. I will definitely have to push myself during training. Ever since the relay race I did with some friends, I have a new found respect for hills...they are not to be taken is a must.

Something that has really kept me going these last few weeks are my running buddies, especially a special 3 new buddies. One, a lovely friend from church. With her 5 miles go flying by, which is so great. It has been a great blessing to have a great friend to share a few miles with.

Another new buddy is my little K. She has joined me for a few runs and it is so great to have her by my side. Yes, they are slower runs, but I don't care. They are great moments.

Running buddies.

My third new buddy is my foster daughter. We are a foster family and welcome little ladies into our home while their own home lives get sorted out. We are very new to this. BabyT is our second placement so far. She is a toddler and lots of fun. I will share more about our experiences as foster parents, but one thing is for sure is that it is such a blessing. Yes, it is hard. It is never easy taking care of someone else's child, and definitely hard when they leave your home to be reunited with their families. But the time these girls are with us is full of joy. We truly love these girls. It is evident that they need to shown love. Every day. They need to be hugged, held, loved. They need to know that they are so precious and important. If we can give a child a moment in her life when she felt totally loved and cared for, it is ALL worth it. 

Plus I now get an extra workout pushing the jogger around for 5 miles...FYI, not easy.

No pics for her privacy. So proud of myself running 5 miles under a
10 minute/mile while pushing BabyT around. 

I am facing a few obstacles to getting started and keeping up with my training. Mainly work. Work is getting really busy again. But no excuses. I am bringing work home so I can get out of the office around 5pm, get a run in after work, be home for homework time, bath time, bed time, and then get some work done before my bedtime. Morning runs will be incorporated soon. The Hubby is swimming in the mornings and I want to make sure he gets his workouts in too. He is training for a sprint tri the same weekend I am doing my half marathon.

Week recap so far:
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles + jogger
Thursday: 6 miles beachside
Friday: most likely a couple miles on some trails
Saturday: "long run"...probably 6-7 miles again.
Sunday: laps at the pool

So, here we go!!!

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