Thursday, May 9, 2013

Workin' it!

Quick check in...this week is rockin'!!!!

Monday: 5 miles with a crazy hill with a new running buddy
Tuesday: 2 miles of speed work
Wednesday: 5 miles solo
Thursday: The most killer Kettlebell class!
Friday, a "light" workout.
Saturday: maybe another 4 miles
Sunday: Something...not sure what, but something :)

Fuel: Great. Luckily cutting carbs is not as hard as I thought it would be. I am able to fill the carb-void with other things, mainly more veggies and protein. Nutrition basics, really. Oatmeal in the morning. And I have cut WAY back on coffee. I am normally a big coffee drinker (multiple cups a day) and now I am down to 1 strong cup of coffee in the morning...that's it! When I told my husband that I was cutting back to only one cup of coffee a day, this is what he sent me...

I thought it was pretty funny. But really, I have cut back to one normal size cup of coffee per day.

My diet this week has been lots of soups and easy way to start cutting back the carbs. An example...
I mixed salad for 2 in the big bowl...ate my portion from the bowl...
didn't want to dirty another dish :)

 And I am feeling great.

Hope you're week has been great too! Pin It


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