Sunday, June 30, 2013

July, here I come! Week 6 of training...

Okay, week 5 was...AWESOME!!!

Monday: 5 miles at 5:30am

Tuesday:1000m x 5 = 5k + 1 mile of recovery laps and 2 laps for warm up = 4.5 miles AND 15 minutes of leg/butt strength work

Wednesday: 4 miles in the morning + 15 minutes of legs/butt and arms

Thursday: Kettlebells. Got killed! My legs were sooooo tired from my own leg work at home...I dreaded every squat or lunge we did. And I have NEVER enjoyed walking push-ups with weights or planks so much in my life! Anything to get off my legs.

Friday: Total rest. My legs were tired.

Saturday: 10 miles...only a few were truly flat. A couple of very painful hills...ran with a good friend which helped make the time fly :) After the run I sat in my mom's pool...nice and cold. Definitely helped recovered.

Sunday: She rested...again :)

And man has it been hot around here! Never have I actually wanted to get up earlier to run to avoid the heat. Running sure does make you want and do strange things...wishing you got up earlier to run...WHAT! Cant't believe I think like this must be the heat getting to me.

Great. Week. Exhausted. But ready for week 6.

On a different note, our little BabyT was reunited with her dad and siblings...this is the hardest part of being a foster parent. More on this another day. For now, I just pray that she is safe and happy. I hope she never has to experience the trauma of being separated from her family again. I pray that her parents can pull through, pull it together, and give their children a life they deserve.

Training plan for this week...similar to last week:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 3-4 miles speedwork
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday (4th of July): 10k race (maybe). If no race, then another 4-6 miles on my own. WOW. How is it that I want to race on my day off? Running has turned me into a completely irrational person.
Friday: ??? not sure yet...maybe laps at the pool.
Saturday: 9-11 miles
Sunday: rest

Can't believe its already JULY! Where did the year go?

Anyone else racing on the 4th?

Oh yeah, and we went to the movies today...YEAH!!! Yes, it is a big deal for us. We took our girl to see Monsters University! Super cute. Good for grown-ups too :) Pin It


  1. I'm racing hopefully on the fourth too. Firecracker 5k :) I just need to secure someone to watch the munchkins while I run! Nice job with your training!

    1. Munchkins...ain't that the beautiful dilemma to being a mama runner :) Good luck with the run!

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