Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 2 Planning

Week 2 is here, so here's the plan...


Monday: 4-5 miles with a hill or two in there.
Tuesday: Speedwork (around 3 miles total)
Wednesday: Stretch, a bit of strength, but more of a "rest" day
Thursday: Kettlebells @ the gym + a couple miles on the dreadmill
Friday: 4 miles (hills or trails)
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: laps

Total mileage: 20-21 miles

This last week I was only suppose to run 15 miles, but I ran 20...skipped kettlebells to go running. It was one of those days at work where 4:30 came around and all I was thinking was, "Today I am definitely going to leave RIGHT AT 5pm! I NEED TO RUN!!!"

This is how happy I was to be home by 5:30pm
and ready to go running...for real! Yes, that is a
PINK top...and I actually love it!

I am definitely going to try to stick to my plan. Stopping at 3 miles is hard...this is just when I start to get my runner's high and then the adrenaline pushes me to 5 or 6 miles. Don't you just love that runner's high? It gets you all excited, makes you feel like you are on top of the world and could go forever. But then, around the last mile or so, your legs suddenly remind you that you should have contained that runner's high just a bit more :) HA.


But when you have a view like this, can you blame me for wanting to run forever?

I will be doing a 10k on the 4th of July as my "check-point" for my half marathon at the end of July. My first (and only, so far) 10k time was 54:40, 8:48/mile. For others, its an okay time. For me, I was so blow away that I finished in under an hour. Hopefully we can repeat (and improve!) history :)


We have this rule we try to stick to in our as much as you can from the refrigerator and pantry before grocery shopping. This week we have reached that point. We have lots of left-overs from the last week...roasted chicken, roasted potatoes with bell peppers, beans, frozen fish and frozen chicken breasts...pantry still has some bow-tie pasta, tuna. Time to clean out the left-overs.

  • Roasted chicken has become chicken soup.
  • The potatoes will probably be used for breakfast with some scrambled egg whites and some it off with some asiago cheese, please!
  • The fish will probably be cooked for dinner at some point with a side of quinoa or brown rice. 
  • The frozen chicken breast will probably end up in the crock-pot and ready to use in a mixture of things (salad, sandwich, burrito, etc).
  • And the pasta will be mixed with the tuna for an easy and quick meal. 

Did I miss anything? We have oatmeal for breakfast (our breakfast go-to) and the eggs. Green salad. Snacks for K's lunch...did I mention this is her last week of 2nd grade?!?! Here comes summer break followed too soon by the 3RD GRADE!!!

This will probably get us through the week. Then, GROCERY SHOPPING!!! YAY! Grocery shopping is like Christmas shopping for me. I make my list, check it twice (sound familiar!)...and I'm always "nice" so I always leave a few bucks from the budget for some "goodies"...maybe my favorite Trader Joe's macadamia cookies, a bit of chocolate, or maybe some more of these...


Here is to a great week...

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