Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training: Week 3 Slump

Let's start with a recap of last week:

Monday: 4 miserable miles...wore the wrong clothes, so I was baking the entire time.
Tuesday: 3.75 miles
Wed: 1 mile for National Running Day
Thursday: nothing...played hookie from kettlebell class
Friday: 3 miles, trails
Saturday: 8 miles

Total mileage: 19.75...rounding to 20 :)

This week:

So far the week has been eh....

Monday I should have done 5 miles but instead I went for a 3 mile walk with the family.

Here they come! We threw in a long hill for some
EXTRA fun :) Hubby pushing the jogger.

Typical Vanessa pic...not paying attention.
But don't look at me, look at the beautiful view I
call home!

It was a lot of fun...but man, I was exhausted! Walking sure done take a lot of work!My props to walkers out there, especially my mom who can run over most people she walks so fast...and she is little too! She definitely walks faster than I do!

So 3 miles on Monday.

Tuesday (today): I barely made it to the track for some "speed" work...but I wasn't very speedy. Just felt tired. No motivation. But I was able to reach 3.5 miles including warm-up and cool-down.

I feel like this week I am being tested. Can I keep up the training? The initial motivation you have at the very beginning starts to fade away and it begins to shape itself into routine...and this is where it gets tricky!

Something you can keep up.

Easier said than done...well, for me at least. I won't pretend like this is easy. I won't pretend that trying to run 5 days a week + strength workouts, working MORE than full time (I swear some days I work for minimum wage...got to love being salaried!), being a "mommy" of sorts, trying to pull my weight at home, keeping up with my reading and writing, AND not neglecting my family all in one week is easy...it isn't. And I am only training for a half marathon! But I am going to do it!

And isn't funny how life "suddenly" gets crazy busy when you are just getting comfortable with a training schedule? Today, I had to "escape" from work at 5:45 to get a run in. Didn't go by any offices...didn't "check-out" with any co-workers...I just quietly packed up my stuff and snuck out :) If not, they could have kept me there another hour easily.

Confessional moment...when things get busy and life sucks me in, I am a terrible eater...meaning I don't eat. Not good, I know. I skip meals all together. I snack on whatever I can get my hands on...and by that I mean a hand-full of pretzels I get from a co-workers office :) Thank God for those pretzels!

Here is a perfect example from just last week...

My husband knows me all too well.

I think this a big reason for my "slumpy" feeling these last couple days...not fueling my body well.

So, I am going to flip the rest of the week. The rest of the week will be awesome!

1. Better eating (well, eating PERIOD really!) and
2. Focusing on enjoying my runs...each run is a gift.

Since I didn't run much on Monday, I need to "make up" a bit of those miles...so I will add a couple miles to the rest of the week...

Wednesday (tomorrow in like 30 minutes!): 4 in the AM + 30 minutes of strength in the PM. Wednesday is suppose to be my rest day, but I don't need more rest!

Thursday: Kettlebells + a couple miles on the dreadmill on an incline.

Friday: long run, 9 miles

Saturday: Perhaps a trail run/walk with some amigos and hubs + laps at the pool perhaps.

Sunday: Rest. Rinse off the week. And Repeat.

This should get me to at least 20 miles this week.

How's your week going? 

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  1. Ha! I love that you call it the dreadmill too!
    I think so many of us struggle with fueling our bodies properly. After a particularly rough run, I come home and want to eat all. the. carbs. :)
    Trying to stick to things that don't make me feel like crap is tough, but worth it every time.

    1. Absolutely right! It is amazing when you fuel your body right, things just fall into place. I am usually really good about eating (about 80% of the time)...my problem isn't eating the wrong stuff, rather just making sure I eat! I get so caught up in the day that it slips my mind. The hardest part is when you haven't eaten right all day and then need to get a run in right after work. Those runs are always tough...long and tough. Keep it up!

  2. its hard between work, kids and hubby, house, food etc.etc. sometimes I need to scape from work and get my run done before I get my kiddos!! about food< victor is always telling me that if I keep skipping meals I'll never loose weight!! its not that I don't want to eat its just I really busy.. I don't like to run alone but I have to sometimes victor gets out of work early but is only once in a while.. well I loved your post and wanted to share something.. .

    1. I don't ever skip a meal on purpose. I KNOW that skipping meals is the worst thing I could do if I'm trying t lose weight or tone up. You have to eat to lose the weight! :) Just like we plan for our kids and husbands, we need to plan for ourselves too.

      Keep up the good work lady.

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