Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 4...What HAPPENED? And onto week 5

Well, last week was a royal training wreck! Total mileage...a whole 9 miles! Yup, that's it. 9 miles.

Work was busy. I was swamped with work all Monday and Tuesday and just planned on making up my miles later in the week...but lucky me I got sick. But Wednesday at 3am I was waking up from unbearable nausea and by 7am I knew I was not going to make it to work that morning. Food poisoning, a "bug", stress, whatever it was it knocked me out. So Wednesday and Thursday I spent trying to get better. Friday, I was feeling pretty good. So Saturday I FINALLY went on a run with a dear friend...

My legs felt so heavy. Luckily this lovely gal was very patient with me as I dragged myself around for 9 miles (and she just ran a 2:04 half marathon last weekend!!). Running with this lady makes time go by fast. 

I also tried out my new shorts....loved them. 

Do you like my invisible shorts?

So here we are, week 5 of 9. Half way point. I am over what happend last week. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is what it is. We all get knocked time to get back up FAST. 

Here is this week's plan...which is always subject to change in my life...
Monday: 5 miles...CHECK! Got those babies done this morning  at 5:30am with my running buddy. 
Tuesday: 3-4 miles speed work
Wed: 4 miles in the AM + strength and stretch after work
Thursday: kettlebell class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Rest/walk/family time...

Any struggles last week? How did you deal with them?

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  1. many!!! between working, graduations, party planning and a huge depression, I didn't even run a mile I got caught in mixed emotions!! I like your blog today in special!! we all get knocked down but its time to get back up!!!

    1. What happened last week just that...LAST WEEK. Accept what it was for what it was. Sometimes other life stuff just takes priority. That's okay. Now it is "this week"...up and onward!

  2. I struggled Sunday with motivation to do my long run. Ended up pushing it off until Monday, which was not a good idea since it's so hot and humid now. But, I got it done. Nice job on pushing through!

    1. Ahh!!! Hot and humid no fun! But good job getting that run in. It is always so hard for me to "make up" my runs...its like my brain knows that I am behind on my schedule and it messes with my head and motivation. But I figure those hard runs where you are struggling are all part of the training process. You never know what the day will bring come race-day. It just might be "one of those days" where you struggle...knowing you had a day like that in training and still pulled through will definitely. We need to train our minds just as much as our bodies...running is so mental! Keep it up!

  3. You always have the best attitude. I swear this world needs more people like you. Life happens and our plans may not always come to fruition so we just have to move on and make the best of it. Keep up the awesome job, and let your inner Energizer bunny keep those feet moving.

    1. Sir Rafael ~ The world needs more people like YOU! Your story is so amazing! Life is life...unpredictable. Embrace the good. Accept the not so good. In the end, we just need to keep moving! Thanks for all your encouragement!

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