About Me

  • am a lefty! Lefty-power!
  • love a strong cup coffee...or two...or three (with just a splash of half'n'half, please). I am a better person after consuming it.
  • can't get enough oatmeal and eggs...and spinach goes in just about everything.
  • am married to the coolest, cutest, God-loving guy. 
  • am a step-mama to the kindest and super thoughtful little lady...my little K.
  • am a 2-time (and counting...) foster-mama. Providing a safe and loving home to a child during a difficult time in her life.
  • work in the world of public health keeping little pre-schoolers healthy and happy.
  • enjoy "historically-inspired" movies about 14th-16th century England.
  • am a Christian. I love God and am totally blessed by Him every day!
  • love world and folk dance and music. 
  • am so much like my maternal grandfather...it is incredible!
  • am obsessed with fleece jackets. 
  • NEVER...EVER...EVER thought I would attempt to run more than 3 miles...God sure does have a sense of humor!
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  1. Can't wait to read more of your beautiful blog!

    1. Wow! Thank you! I just saw your comment. I absolutely LOVE your blog...it was actually the very first blog I ever read and inspired me to start one! Your writing is very inspiring. Thank you for reading!

  2. Mija, You're my inspiration. Can't wait for my leg to heal and put on my "new" walking shoes and hit the pavement again.
    So proud of you! Love you much.


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