My blog posts are a way for me to document my life experiences and express my personal beliefs and opinions on the variety of topics mentioned. I am not a professional runner, fitness coach, or dietitian or expert in the world of theology, marriage, or child-rearing. The thoughts, opinions and suggestions made on SheRunsWithEndurance are not meant to be taken as professional advise, but rather the life journey for a 20-something gal. Tips, workouts, ideas, suggestions, on this blog are MY personal preferences based on what I have read and tried. If you are seeking help or advise on any of the subjects discussed in this blog, please seek professional help.

I also apologize for the terrible grammar...especially the overuse of the "..."... for the regular misspelled words (is that how you spell "misspelled"?), run-on sentences and phares that may not make complete sense...for always using the word totally to show emphasis, and for any other "mistakes" that I may have forgotten that you as a reader I AM SURE have found.

I do hope that this blog can provide its readers with a bit of comfort, laughter, and entertainment.

God bless.

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  1. Ha-Ha....I could TOTALLY steal this "Disclaimer" page from you for MY blog!! My daughter (the braniac!) totally freaks out at my grammar AND the use of .....and----!! Check out my (lame) blog and you will see what I mean!!! http://pamrunsmarathons.blogspot.com/

  2. Not lame at all. I figure, I'm being honest in my disclaimer...apologies made in advance, and now I can write freely. We all have our own way of expressing ourselves...you do what feels right :)


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